Ministry Schedules


The schedules are posted as .pdf documents. Click on the schedule button.

Weekend Schedules for the period April 8, 2017 to August 20, 2017:

You will require Adobe Reader to access this file.


- Order of names on the schedule:

1 - Ministers of Communion
2 - Lectors
3 - Servers

- Please continue to secure a replacement if you are unable to fulfill any of the scheduled assignments. This is most important.

- Schedule Pick Up: Again, it is important that you pick up your new schedule as soon as it becomes available, which informs you in advance, when you are scheduled. An announcement will be made at Masses and in the bulletin that the new schedule is ready for pick up. Picking it up early gives you time to find a replacement should you not be available when scheduled. So does this page. If you prefer, this package can be sent to your e-mail inbox. Make sure the office has your electronic address.

- SERVERS, PLEASE NOTE: Those who attend St. Patrick and Holy Rosary Schools, we will deliver your new schedule each time to your school. Servers who are in High Schools, Public Schools and Private Schools, your schedules will be placed in the "ALTAR SERVERS" slot on the Information Board across from the parish office for you to pick up when the announcement is made in the bulletin and at Mass. If your parent(s) is a Communion Minister or Lector, one schedule will be provided per family. And, of course, you may always refer to this page.


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