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OUR PARTNER  PARISH!  St Anne's Church, Kingston, Jamaica.

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Updated September 20, 2013.

From the Spiritans, Fr. Locky Flanagan and the native priests in Malawi:

February, '10
- Spiritan Ordinations.
New Episode in my Life  

Seminarians in Malawi
The Spiritan - Spring 2010

Small Christian Communities
The Spiritan - Summer, 2010

Newsletters from Fr. Bill Robins in Nepal.

Nepal Jesuit Society
Christmas, 2011:
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page 2

Feb. 2012 - Thanks and an update.

  Feb., 2013
Update from Nepal.

Br. Paul Desmarais, Kasisi Agricultural Centre, Zambia:


Dec. 2011 - Letter outlining progress. Click on these two links:
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page 2


  Sept. 5, 2013 : Update on Zambia:
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Extract from the Fall, 2013 issue of the Jesuit Mission News.


Fr. Mahon, Kenya A new volunteer, October, 2012 Update, August, 2012 News and pictures from Kenya


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Updated September 20, 2013