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Procedures for the following ministries are outlined below:


Weekend Mass Procedure

The Three ASSIGNED Ministers of Communion:

1. You will be distributors of the Sacred Host at the assigned Mass. Please gather in the main entrance vestibule at least 15 minutes before Mass.
2. You are encouraged to join with the Greeters in welcoming people at the main entrance.
3. Please have a hymnal and sing during the entrance procession. You follow the lector with the book of the Gospels.
4. When those in the procession reach the sanctuary, spread out from the centre on the 1st step.
5. After the Lector has placed the Book on the Lectern and both Lectors have come down to the 1st step, everyone bows toward the altar and you go to the 2nd pew on the right (south side).
6. During the Sign of Peace come to the sanctuary, stopping first at the first step and in unison bowing towards the altar. Use the hand sanitizer on the back shelf. Do not shake hands thereafter. The three of you go up to the altar behind the priest. The Presider will have told you before the entrance procession if one of you needs to go to the Tabernacle to bring a ciborium to the altar. Please leave the lid of the Ciborium at the Tabernacle.
7. After the Presider has broken the large host and poured the cups, he will give you and the ministers of the Cup and altar servers Communion to hold in your hand.
8. After the Priest and Ministers of Communion have received the Body of Christ together, you will be given the Blood of Christ. After you drink from the Cup turn and hand it to a Minister of the Cup and then help to bring the remaining cups to them.
9. You will then be given a ciborium for the distribution of Communion. One of you will go with a Minister of the Cup to the choir and then join in distributing communion to the assembly.
10. For the choir - Stand with the Sacred Hosts, facing the choir, next to the end of the piano. Distribute the Precious Blood while standing further toward the back wall on the lst step at the side of the altar .
11. Please watch that people put the Host in their mouth (do not carry it away). People need to receive in the hand or on the tongue. If needed smile and instruct (no pinchers).
12. Some people will come up with their hands crossed over their chest. Instead of giving them a host, give them a blessing. Either hold your hand above their head or touch their forehead with the back of your finger. Give a short informal blessing, eg. "God bless and keep you.

VOLUNTEER Ministers of the Cup/Chalice:

1. Four or six Cups are placed on a table on the right side of the Sanctuary before each Mass; they are a matching set, but one cup is different & slightly taller. All Ministers of Communion are asked to be ready to volunteer for the distribution of the Blood of Christ whenever they are at Mass. Before Mass, to insure that there will be enough Ministers of the Cup at each Mass, please take one of the Cups from the table on the right side and place it on the Credence Table against the back wall. That will indicate that you are volunteering to distribute the Precious Blood at this Mass.
2. The one who volunteers for the 6th cup should then move the table from the right side of the Sanctuary back into the Sacristy or under the Credence table if Mass is about to begin.
3. During the Sign of Peace, the six distributors of the Cup come to the Sanctuary, use some hand sanitizer, and then stand behind the altar, behind the Ministers of the Bread. (Receive as indicated in # 7 above).
4. One of you will accompany a Minister of the Bread to the give communion to the Choir (cf. #10 above) and then join in distributing communion to the assembly. Be aware if one or more run out of the Precious Blood on one side, then crossover to serve on the other side.
5. Some people will choose not to receive, but will reverence the Precious Blood by bowing or touching the cup.
6. Wipe the cup well at the place where the person drinks and turn the cup slightly.
7. In handling the cups, be careful not to scratch them with a ring or the like.
8. The one who has the Cup (Chalice) that is taller and different from the others will return it to the Altar at the end of Communion, for use in the purification of the other sacred vessels.

Where to stand while distributing Communion:

-When distributing the Sacred Host, two distributors stand on the first step in the centre, the other two stand by the first pew, about one meter back from the main aisle.
-When distributing the Precious Blood please spread out along the first step as far as the Tabernacle on one side and beyond the organ on the other side.

After Communion:

1. Those who bring Communion to the sick will come to the front. The priest will place Sacred Hosts in their Pyx and then mandate and bless them.
2. Ministers of the Bread go to the Tabernacle and put any remaining hosts in one or two ciboria. You should
rinse your fingers in the water container and wipe your fingers with the small cloth. The empty ciboria should be brought to the altar to be purified using the one chalice that has been left on the altar.
3. The  remaining five Cups are brought to the Sacristy. Whatever remains in the Cups should be reverently consumed. Then place a small quantity of water in the cup and drink it. Be careful not to scratch the cup. Then leave the sacristy going to the front step and standing in a row, till all nine are there. Then, bow together towards the altar and return to your seat. The last one to leave the Sacristy, please close the door.

After Mass:
1. The three assigned Ministers of Communion are needed to return to the sacristy and wash the Sacred
Vessels. Use the soap sponge and rinse in cool water. Do not immerse. Dry with a soft cloth only (tea towels). Then either set the Cups out for the next Mass or put them in the cupboard after the last mass. Again be careful not to scratch them with rings, etc.
2. Make sure that the tabernacle key has been returned to the cupboard.
3. If no one is in the sacristy when you leave make sure that the chalice cupboard is locked.

Thank you for helping with this very special Ministry. Think of what you are doing, distributing the Body and Blood of Christ and pray for your fellow parishioners.

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Weekend Mass Procedure

1. Meet your co-lector in the sacristy 15 minutes before Mass to:

2. Processing lector ensures that the ribbon marks the correct readings in the Lectionary and brings it to the main entrance for the entrance procession.

3. The welcoming lector ensures that he/she has a hymnbook and then sits in the Sanctuary awaiting the signal from the Presider to begin. At the signal, proceed to the Lectern to read the Announcements.

Please give the full name(s) of the Presider and the Homilist. After the greeting, step back, join in singing the opening hymn and wait for the arrival of the Processing Lector.

4. The processing Lector enters following the altar servers, carrying the Lectionary above eye level.

5. The processing Lector, on reaching the sanctuary, proceeds immediately to place the Lectionary on the lectern. Then steps back, pauses and bows to the Lectionary. Both Lectors then join the Servers, Ministers of Communion and Presider (Homilist) facing the Altar at the 1st step. Bow to the Altar with the Presider and go to the lectors’ pew (2nd pew on left side of Main Aisles).

6. Before each reading, while The priest introduces the reading:

7. At the end of the Creed, both lectors go to front step centre, bow to the Altar, then proceed to the Lectern and face the Presider during the Introduction to Prayers of Intercession.

8. At the end of Mass:
Lectors do not walk out in the procession.

[October, 2004, Revised: July, '07]

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• Please arrive at the church ½ hour before Mass time.

• Sign-in on the board at the main entrance, indicating which entrance you are covering.

• Entrances are identified as follows along with the number of ministers needed:

Front right side
Back right side
Community Room

• Wear your name tag throughout the Mass in case anyone is looking for help or information at any time.

• Greet, welcome, shake hands and offer assistance as people arrive.

• Be aware of emergency situations & procedures.

• The two ministers covering the Main Entrance will also take up the Bread and Wine in the procession of the gifts.

• Return name tags to the board after Mass.

• Greeters are encouraged to rotate to another entrance from time to time so that they may meet and greet different parishioners.

• Your ministry schedule will be prepared for a 3-month period. An announcement will be made at masses and in the bulletin when it is ready for pick-up.

• Please find a replacement if you are not available when scheduled.

[October, 2004]

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